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City of Ramsey

Regular City Council
Tuesday, October 10, 2017
7:00 pm
Council Chambers, 7550 Sunwood Drive NW
Call to Order
1.   Presentation by Metropolitan Council
Proclaim October as Community Planning Month
Citizen Input

Consent Agenda
1.   Receive Cash and Investments for Period Ending September 30, 2017
2.   Approve the Following Meeting Minutes:
1. City Council Work Session dated 09/2617
2. City Council Regular dated 09/26/17
3.   Approve Licenses
4.   Approve Rental Licenses
5.   Approve Request to Declare Surplus Property
6.   Adopt Resolution #17-10-250 Approving Cash Disbursements Made and Authorizing Payment of Accounts Payable Invoicing Received During the Period of September 21, 2017 through October 4, 2017
7.   Adopt Resolution #17-10-246 Accepting Pedestrian and Bicycle Trail Easement on a portion of Lot 5, Block 2, Estates of Silver Oaks 2nd Addition (Project #17-119); Case of Royal Oaks Realty, Inc.
8.   Adopt Resolution #17-10-248 Accepting New Drainage and Utility Easements Associated with an Administrative Subdivision for Lots 7 & 8, Block 1 Windsorwood (Project No. 17-147); Case of Raymond Silhanek and Leslie Reed-Silhanek
9.   Removed from Consent Agenda - Will be discussed at a later date. - Adopt Resolution #17-10-251 Vacating Pedestrian Trail Easement on Lot 6, Block 3, Wildlife Sanctuary Third Addition
10.   Adopt Resolution #17-10-255 Accepting Quotes and Awarding Contract to Repair Stormwater Pond Erosion at 7550 Highway 10 NW
11.   Adopt Resolution #17-10-258 Proclaiming October as National Community Planning Month
12.   Adopt Resolution 17-10-262 to Amend the City's Personnel Policy
13.   Report from Public Works Committee dated September 19, 2017.
1. Consider Recommendation to City Council Regarding Connexus Energy's Special Assessment for Sunwood Drive Reconstruction: The Committee agreed that the assessment policy must be fair and added the consultant will provide a valuation, and the Committee will make a recommendation to the City Council.
2. Improving Pedestrian Crosswalk Visibility in the COR: Ratify the recommendation of the Public Works Committee to recommend that the City Council approve the purchase and installation of “in street pedestrian marking signs” as recommended by City Staff.
3. Consider Recommendation for City Council to Order Feasibility: Ratify the recommendation of the Public Works Committee to recommend that the City Council order a Feasibility Report for the 2018 Overlay Improvements, City Improvement Project #18-03.
4. Review Feedback and Next Steps for Comprehensive Plan Update Transportation Chapter: No Action Taken.
Approve Agenda
Public Hearing
1.   PUBLIC HEARING: Adopt Resolution #17-10-252 Adopting Assessment Roll Certifying Sunwood Drive Reconstruction Assessments, Improvement Project #17-00
Council Business
1.   Consider Adopting Zoning Amendment Related to a Subdivision known as Lavern Estates (Project No. 17-137); Case of Joshua Peterson
2.   Adopt Resolution Granting Final Plat and Development Agreement for Davis Addition; Case of Green Valley Greenhouse
3.   Adopt Resolution #17-10-260 Approving Development Agreement for COR Stone Brook Academy, Case of MK Johnson Properties, LLC
4.   REVISED: Adopt Resolution #17-10-256 Approving Development Agreements for Bunker Lake Industrial Park, Case of PSD, LLC
5.   Adopt Resolution #17-10-259 Approving Development Agreement for Greenway Terrace (Project #16-84); Case of AEON, LLC
6.   Authorization to Distribute The COR Interim Development Plan for Public Comment
7.   Resolution #17-09-232 (Resolution number has been changed to #17-10-232) Requesting use of the Anoka County HRA Fund: Case of the City of Ramsey's New Business Park
8.   Adopt Resolution #17-10-254 Accepting Bids and Awarding Contract for Improvement Project #17-10, Puma Street Utility Extensions
9.   Award Contract for Demolition of Former Sunfish Lake Gas Station
10.   Adopt Resolution #17-10-247 Accepting Resignation of a Councilmember at Large, Declaring a Vacancy in the Office of Councilmember at Large and Calling for a Special Election to Fill the Vacancy
11.   Adopt Resolution #17-10-261 in Support for City of Anoka Funding Applications for Trunk Highway 10 Improvements at Thurston Avenue and Fairoak Avenue
Mayor/Council/Staff Input
1.   Staff Update on Potassium Street Cul-De-Sac Improvements, Improvement Project #17-13

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