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CC Regular Session
Meeting Date: 04/24/2018  
By: Mark Riverblood, Engineering/Public Works


Status Update on the Mississippi Skyway, and Authorization to Prepare a Grant Application to Metropolitan Council for the Mississippi Skyway.


The purpose of this case is to provide City Council with a summary update on the on-going Mississippi Skyway project; and to receive authorization to prepare an application for approximately $3.7 million dollars in Federal funding through Metropolitan Council's Regional Solicitation grant program, due July 13, 2018. (The total cost to extend and complete the pedestrian bridge is approximately $4.5M + 12-15% for construction engineering.)

Since 2012, the City of Ramsey, with its regional partners, has made significant and progressive improvements on many aspects of the pedestrian bridge planned for over Hwy 10.  A summary includes:
  • Receiving a $100,000  Transit Oriented Development grant—resulting in Preliminary Design.
  • Completion of the Regional Mississippi River Trail—at the south touchdown point of the proposed bridge.
  • Securing the 100' x 100' foot touchdown easement adjacent to Riverdale Drive—a contribution by a private developer, with a value in excess of $100,000.
  • Receipt of $490,000 in National Park Service funding—resulting in the development of Final Plans and Specifications, making for a 'shovel-ready' project.
  • Level 2 Layout approval by MnDOT and the official assignment of Bridge #02053
  • Removal of the overhead three phase power line between Riverdale Drive and Hwy #10, reducing the project cost in excess of $235,000.
  • *Realignment of the Central Anoka County Regional Trail (pending final approval by Met Council) to Center Street, the Northstar rail station, and crossing Hwy 10 with the completed skyway.

* The following is the rationale for Anoka County initiating the realignment of the regional trail to the location of the extension of the skyway:  "Currently the City of Ramsey [and regional trail users] has limited access to the Mississippi River and Mississippi West Regional Park because Highway 10 is a large barrier for bicycle and pedestrian access. This amendment proposes to change the alignment of the Central Anoka County Regional Trail within the City of Ramsey to better connect with local parks, trails, restaurants, businesses and transit, while still providing a [safe] connection to the river and Mississippi West Regional Park."

No public notification is required.

There can be a significant amount of effort invested in the preparation of a grant proposal that this case discusses, and thus the request for $5,000 in consulting services to assist in the preparation of the application, at this time..  Additionally, Staff is seeking authorization to invite Anoka County to partner in the application for the Metropolitan Council's Regional Solicitation for the proposed Mississippi Skyway—which is an element of the Central Anoka County Regional Trail.

Further, this case proposes that Staff be directed to develop a list of alternatives and options for the funding the required local match (+/- $800,000), should grant funding be secured—and return for City Council authorization for final approval to apply for Metropolitan Council's Regional Solicitation in late June or the first Council meeting in July 2018. 

Three items should be noted here; the first is that if successful in the grant application, funding would not be available until 2022 (or thereafter). Secondly, the funding source being applied for, is only monies available for bicycle and pedestrian facilities like the Mississippi Skyway.  And third, and perhaps most importantly, seeking funding for the pedestrian facility does not compete for surface transportation improvements to Hwy #10—but rather is an integrated, multi-modal highway safety improvement that effectively supplements desired improvements to the Hwy #10 corridor.

Funding Source:
Funding authorized as part of this case, in the amount of $5,000, would be from the Park Trust Fund which has a balance of approximately $2M.  This case does authorize staff to begin the process to seek Federal funding.  It may be pointed out the grant source this case references, requires a 20% local match (which is not specified at this time), and does not preclude other Federal funding sources—as long as there remains a local match.

Staff recommends preparing a grant application concurrently with pursuing an agreement with Anoka County to apply for the grant, and identifying options for the required 20% of local share.
Motion to authorize up to $5,000 in Park Trust Funds for consulting services, to prepare an application for up to $4 million dollars in Federal funding through Metropolitan Council's Regional Solicitation grant program, for the Mississippi Skyway—while pursuing a partnership for both the application for the grant funding, and (potentially) for an agreement to identify the local match.

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