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City of Ramsey
Regular City Council
Tuesday, August 22, 2017
7:00 pm
Council Chambers, 7550 Sunwood Drive NW
Call to Order
Citizen Input

Consent Agenda
1.   Receive July 2017 Financial Reports - General Fund and Enterprise Funds
2.   Note the Following Boards and Commissions Meeting Minutes:
  • Planning Commission Meeting Minutes Dated June 1, 2017
  • Economic Development Authority Meeting Minutes Dated June 8, 2017
  • Park and Recreation Meeting Minutes Dated June 8, 2017
  • Special Planning Commission Meeting Minutes Dated June 12, 2017
  • Environmental Policy Board Meeting Minutes Dated June 19, 2017

3.   Approve Licenses
4.   Approve Rental Licenses
5.   Approve the Following Meeting Minutes:
1. City Council Work Session dated 08/08/17
2. City Council Regular dated 08/08/17
6.   Approve Lease Agreement Amendment: Northern Light Church: 6701 Hwy 10 Office Space
7.   Adopt Resolution #17-08-204 Approving Cash Disbursements Made and Authorizing Payment of Accounts Payable Invoicing Received during the Period of August 3, 2017 through August 16, 2017
8.   Adopt Resolution #17-08-203 Approving an Encroachment Agreement for a Chain Link Fence in a Drainage and Utility Easement at 7066 167th Crossing NW
Approve Agenda
Public Hearing
Council Business
1.   Adopt Resolution #17-08-197 Approving a Request for an Amended Conditonal Use Permit for Motor Vehicle Sales and Repair at 6845 Highway 10 NW (Project No. 17-136); Case of EJ Properties LLC
2.   Approval of Final Plat and Site Plan for Greenway Terrace (Project #16-84); Case of Aeon, LLC
3.   Approve Actions for Cole Addition Located Near 168th Ave NW and 168th Ln NW; Case of Bryon and Lynn Cole (Project No. 17-132)
  1. Introduce Ordinance #17-12 Vacating Certain Drainage and Utility Easements
  2. Adopt Resolution #17-08-202 Approving Final Plat and Development Agreement
4.   Adopt Resolution #17-08-205 Granting Final Plat and Development Agreement for Anoka Hennepin 2nd Addition; Case of Anoka Hennepin School District
5.   Receive Update on Proposed Plat Known as Northfork Meadows Located Near Puma Street and Alpine Drive; Case of Paxmar (Project #17-126)
6.   Review Inland Group Proposed Project
7.   Approve Settlement Agreement and Mutual Release by and between the City of Ramsey, Minnesota and McDonald's USA, LLC and Adopt Resolution #17-08-206 Authorizing Transfer of Right of Re-Entry Contained in Deed
Mayor/Council/Staff Input

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