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City of Ramsey
Regular City Council
Tuesday, September 12, 2017
7:00 pm
Council Chambers, 7550 Sunwood Drive NW
Call to Order
1.   Presentation Proclaiming September 17 - 23, 2017 as Constitution Week
Citizen Input

Consent Agenda
1.   Receive Cash and Investments for Period Ending August 31, 2017
2.   Approve the Following Meeting Minutes:
1. City Council Work Session dated 08/22/17
2. City Council Regular dated 08/22/17
3.   Approve Rental Licenses
4.   Approval of Tuition Reimbursement
5.   Adopt Resolution #17-09-228 Approving Cash Disbursements Made and Authorizing Payment of Accounts Payable Invoicing Received During the Period of August 17, 2017 through September 6, 2017
6.   Adopt Resolution #17-09-210 Declaring Costs to be Assessed and Calling for a Public Hearing on Proposed Assessment for Past-Due Charges on Municipal Utility Bills (which may include water, sewer, street lighting, recycling, storm water charges and penalties incurred) and Current Services Rendered.
7.   Adopt Resolution #17-09-213 Ordering Assessment Roll and Calling Assessment Hearing for Improvement Project #17-00, Sunwood Drive Reconstruction
8.   Adopt Resolution #17-09-209 Approving a Conditional Use Permit for a Two-Story Accessory Building (Project #17-107); Case of Raymond & Linda Bonifas.
9.   Adopt Resolution #17-09-229 Approving an Amended Development Agreement for Regency Commons Addition (Project No. 16-108); Case of National Self Storage
10.   Adopt Resolution #17-09-226 to Promote the Lead Police Records Technician to the Police Department Office Supervisor
11.   Adopt Resolution #17-09-227 to Hire an Engineering Intern
12.   Adopt Resolution #17-09-231 Proclaiming September 17 - 23, 2017 as Constitution Week
Approve Agenda
Public Hearing
1.   PUBLIC HEARING: Adopt Resolution #17-09-215 Approving Easement Vacation and Final Plat for Gobernatz 3rd Addition (Project No. 17-139); Case of Jolene and Scott DeJarlais
2.   PUBLIC HEARING:  Adopt Ordinance #17-12 Vacating Certain Drainage and Utility Easements Related to the Cole Addition; Case of Bryon and Lynn Cole (Project No. 17-132)
Council Business
1.   Adopt Resolution #17-08-207 Approving Contract with the University of Minnesota for the Resilient Communities Project
2.   Adopt Resolution #17-09-239 Approving Amendment to Development Agreement for COR Three North Commons (Project No. 16-63); Case of Purmort Homes
3.   Consider Multiple Actions Related to a Subdivision known as Lavern Estates (Project No. 17-137); Case of Joshua Peterson

1. Consider Resolution #17-09-220 Approving Final Plat, Comprehensive Plan Amendment, and Authorizing Staff to Submit the Amendment to the Metropolitan Council
2.  Introduce Ordinance #17-11 Zoning Amendment
4.   Consider Multiple Actions Related to a Proposed Subdivision Known as Estates of Silver Oaks 2nd Addition (Project 17-119); Case of Silver Oaks Realty

1. Adopt Ordinance #17-09 for a Zoning Map Amendment
2. Adopt Resolution #17-09-219 granting approval of the Final Plat and Development Agreement.
5.   Adopt Resolution #17-09-218 Granting a Conditional Use Permit for Motor Vehicle Sales at 7103 Highway 10 NW (Project No. 17-140); Case of Motors on 10
6.   Adopt Resolution #17-09-216 Granting Final Plat Approval to Bunker Lake Industrial Park (Project #17-127); Case of PSD, LLC
7.   Review Framework for Request to Deviate from Street Name Grid for Riverstone Addition; Case of Capstone Homes
8.   Adopt Resolution #17-09-214 Approving Plans and Specifications and Authorizing Advertisements for Bids for Improvement Project #17-10, Puma Street Utility Extensions
Mayor/Council/Staff Input

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