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Economic Development Authority (EDA)
Meeting Date: 09/14/2017  
Submitted For: Patrick Brama, Administrative Services
By: Patrick Brama, Administrative Services

2017 EDA Budget
Annually, the EDA makes a recommendation to the City Council for the coming year's EDA budget and levy. The EDA levy is included within the City's general levy and calculates into the city's overall tax capacity rate. The City Council will be considering the City's preliminary levy in September. All budgets and levies are preliminary and will not become finalized until December 2016.

The purpose of this case is to develop a recommendation from the EDA board to the City Council for the 2017 EDA levy.
Staff is proposing no increase/ decrease to the EDA budget.  Staff feels the existing EDA budget is adequate to meet the needs of the EDA in 2018--based on the EDA Worplan and the City Council Strategic Plan.  Therefore, staff does not believe significant discussion is required.

Major Accounts: Staff uses the 6249 account for various events (EDA Golf Tourney, EDA Business Expo, Fall Networking
Event, Anoka Broker Event, Minnesota Marketing Partnership, Anoka Tech Job Fair, etc.).  Staff uses the 6301 account for professional servicers (Ehlers, WSB, Hakanson Anderson, Louks, Briggs, CMDC for appraisals, site investigation, site concepts, tax runs, tif runs, legal assistance, underwriting assistance, and supplemental staff as needed).  6246 is the marketing/ advertising budget (graphic arts, pictures, ads, maps, campaigns, marketing materials, marketing subscriptions, signs).

Funding Source:
EDA levy supports the EDA operating budget.
Develop a recommendation from the EDA board to the City Council for the 2018 proposed EDA budget and levy.

2018 EDA Proposed Budget

Form Review
Inbox Reviewed By Date
Kurt Ulrich Kathy Schmitz 09/11/2017 09:24 AM
Form Started By: Patrick Brama Started On: 08/08/2017 08:33 AM
Final Approval Date: 09/11/2017

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