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Regular Planning Commission
Meeting Date: 09/07/2017  
Submitted For: Alec Henderson By: Alec Henderson, Community Development

Discussion Topic: Event Centers in Residential Areas (Ag areas/farms)
The purpose of this case is to get feedback from the Planning Commission on the topic of Event Centers in residential/agricultural areas, a request/inquiry that is becoming more frequent.   Several cities in Minnesota have allowed accessory buildings to be used as event facilities via Conditional Use Permits and/or Interim Use Permits. Examples of events that may be held in such a structure include weddings and/or auctions (note these are just examples, other events may be offered too). Attached to this case are sample ordinances from the cities of Grant, MN and Lake Elmo, MN.

Rural Event Center Considerations:

1. Using accessory buildings as event facilities could be a conditional use (Or interim?).

2. Set minimum or maximum parking requirements (dedicated parking areas)
3. Reduce issues related to temporary increases in traffic.
4. Agricultural type zoning for event facilities?
5. Safety could be a concern. Inspect buildings proposed as event facilities for fire and building code standards to allow for larger volume of people.
6. Waste and water requirements.
Nuisances, Noise requirements (no amplified music after and before a certain time?)
8. Property size and allowed attendance (e.g. 5 acres – 60 people, 10 acres – 150 people , 20 acres – 300 people, over 30 acres – max 400 people?)
9. ADA Requirements
10. Signage
11. Restroom requirements

Funding Source:
No specific action is needed.  Staff is simply looking for some general discussion and feedback to determine if any further research and/or effort should be put toward this topic.

City of Grant-Rural Event Facilities Ordinance
City of Lake Elmo-Wedding Venues Ordinance
Barn Wedding Example
Event Center Tent Example
Farm Auction Example

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