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Regular Planning Commission
Meeting Date: 09/07/2017  
Submitted For: Alec Henderson By: Alec Henderson, Community Development

Discussion Topic: Temporary Health Care Dwelling Units and Tiny Homes
The State passed legislation last session allowing Temporary Health Care Dwellings on single family residential lots. The City opted out as permitted by State Statute. However, the City Council wanted to revisit this topic and potentially develop the City's own set of standards to address them.  The goal of this case is to open a discussion on how Ramsey should tackle Temporary Health Care Dwellings. This may also be an opportune time to evaluate the viability of Tiny Homes in Ramsey as well.

1. Temporary Health Care Dwellings
2. Tiny Homes

Zoning Code:
Under current City Code standards, accessory dwelling units (ie carriage homes) are not permitted as outlined in Sec 117-349 (d)8:
"Detached accessory buildings shall be prohibited from containing complete independent living facilities (accessory apartments), which would include permanent provisions for living, sleeping, eating, and sanitation. Independent living facilities shall be considered those which meet three or more of the criteria in subsection (6)d of this section and have provisions for separating the living space."

Temporary Health Care Dwelling Considerations (See Minnesota Statute Attachment)
1. Appearance/architectural standards and community character
2. Building codes, fire codes, meet code standards
3. Occupancy number
4. Access to electricity, water, heat, waste considerations.
5. Residential zones only
6. Initial permit cost, renewal cost,
7. Temporary for how long? One year? Six Months? Renewal every six months?

Tiny Home Considerations (See attached Fresno Code Example)
Tiny homes have been gaining popularity and many are made to function as RVs (on wheels and chassis). They also have the potential to offer an affordable first home for people with less means or who wish to live in smaller homes.  However, City Code Section 117-111 (R-1 Residential) specifies a minimum floor area for various types floor plans, ranging from 720 square feet to 912 square feet.  A typical tiny home will not meet that minimum square footage requirement.

1. Should Ramsey start considering secondary, or accessory dwelling units on properties?
2. What should be the minimum lot sizes for these secondary dwelling units?
3. Should these have permanent foundations or be on chassis and wheels?
4. Fresno allows several different sizes of additional dwelling units: Secondary Units (larger), Cottages or tiny homes (smaller), Accessory living quarters (no kitchens or cooking devices).
5. Parking requirements and driveways
6. Access to water, electricity, heat, waste
7. Tiny homes as primary structure vs secondary?
Funding Source:
No formal action is required, Staff is looking for general discussion and feedback on this topic to guide what, if any, further work is needed.

Temporary Health Care Dwellings- Minn. Statute
Secondary Dwelling Units-Fresno
Tiny Home Trailer Example
Tiny Home 2 Example
Tiny Home Cottage (Foundation) Example
Tiny Home (Disaster Proof) Example

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