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CC Regular Session
Meeting Date: 09/12/2017  
By: Bruce Westby, Engineering/Public Works

Adopt Resolution #17-09-214 Approving Plans and Specifications and Authorizing Advertisements for Bids for Improvement Project #17-10, Puma Street Utility Extensions
The purpose of this case is to consider adopting Resolution #17-09-214 approving Plans and Specifications and authorizing Advertisements for Bids for Improvement Project #17-10, Puma Street Utility Extensions.

The proposed Puma Street utility extensions are needed to support the current Riverstone residential development, as well as future development east of Puma Street and a smaller area west of the Riverstone development.  This area of the City is within the MUSA requiring service by City sewer and water.  Figure 1 (attached) shows the trunk utilities extension project location and scope.

The City recently extended trunk watermain and sanitary sewer along the west end of Bunker Lake Boulevard to Puma Street to serve the Riverstone development, as well as PSD’s Bunker Lake Industrial Park.  The trunk watermain under Bunker Lake Boulevard is 16-inch ductile iron pipe (DIP), and the trunk sanitary sewer is 18-inch polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipe.
Puma Street was constructed with a temporary pavement section consisting of roughly 2 inches of bituminous pavement over a few inches of aggregate base. Permanent street and trunk utility improvements were intended to be constructed along Puma Street as adjacent properties developed.  The temporary street section is proposed to be improved in the spring/summer of 2018 after utilities are extended later this fall.

A portion of the south end of the Riverstone development will be served by the utilities previously extended along Bunker Lake Boulevard.  Phase 1A in the attached Future Business Park Proposal addresses this.  Public utilities must be extended north along Puma Street to serve the remaining homes in the Riverstone development.  In addition, the Puma Street utility extensions will serve properties east of Puma Street, as well as the Northfork property just west of the Riverstone development and south of Alpine Drive.  Phase 1B in the attached Future Business Park Proposal addresses this work.

An Assessment Agreement was recently executed between the City and two adjacent property owners. This will allow the City to recover 40% of the project costs to extend utilities along Puma Street.  The remaining 60% of the costs will be paid from City sewer and water utility enterprise funds.  City costs will be recovered over time through trunk utility and connection fees.

Capstone Homes is currently constructing the Riverstone development.  If plans and specifications are approved and advertisements for bids are authorized by Council, the Puma Street trunk utility extensions should be operational by the end of December.  This will just meet the developers desired utility service schedule allowing Certificates of Occupancy to be issued for homes in the central area of the Riverstone development.  An exception to this is that the lift station pumps may not be operational until next spring, which means the wet well would need to be manually pumped periodically until the pumps are operational.

The Public Works Committee recommended Council approval of ordering plans and specifications once financial securities were in place to pay for the work.  Since the Assessment Agreement has been executed, financial securities are available to pay for a portion of the engineering and construction costs.
Notifications are not required for this case. Bids will be advertised twice, once on Friday, September 15th, and again on Friday, September 22nd.
Final plans and specifications for this project will be available at the Council meeting.  At the time this report was prepared, Bolton Menk was finalizing plans and specifications, with the exception of the lift station controls.  These plans, which are being completed by a subconsultant, will be complete soon and will be incorporated into the plans by addendum.

Puma Street is proposed to be restored using temporary surfacing composed of a minimum of 4” of the reclaimed pavement material.  This temporary surfacing will only be in place over the winter, and Puma Street currently has low traffic volumes and is proposed to be reconstructed next spring/ summer so no issues are anticipated with this low-cost approach.  The future permanent street improvements will require future Council approval.
Alternative #1 – Motion to recommend adoption of Resolution #17-09-214 approving Plans and Specifications and authorizing Advertisements for Bids for Improvement Project #17-10, Puma Street Utility Extensions.

Alternative #2 – Motion denying adoption of Resolution #17-09-214 at this time.
Funding Source:
Bolton & Menk prepared plans and specifications. Attached is a copy of their work proposal dated June 20, 2017.  Their engineering fees were proposed at $104,780.  
In March of 2017, Bolton Menk updated the Future Business Park report to include estimated costs for extending trunk utilities along Puma Street.  These are called out as Phase 1B improvements.  A copy of the updated report is attached for reference.
The report identifies estimated costs to extend trunk watermain along Phase 1B of Puma Street at $182,000, and to extend trunk sanitary sewer at $545,000. These costs total $727,000 and include 30% contingency and indirect costs.  However, this cost does not include costs to restore the street surface in a temporary manner over winter months.  Staff estimates these costs at roughly $50,000.  An updated project cost estimate based on final plans and specifications will be presented during the Council meeting.

City staff proposes to administer the project and to inspect construction.  All City project costs (costs not covered by other parties through the Assessment Agreement) are proposed to be paid through City sewer and water utility funds.
Staff recommends alternative #1 to support current and future development opportunities in this area of the City.
Motion to recommend adoption of Resolution #17-09-214 approving Plans and Specifications and authorizing Advertisements for Bids for Improvement Project #17-10, Puma Street Utility Extensions.

Resolution 1709214
Future Bus Park Study
BMI Proposal

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