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CC Regular Session
Meeting Date: 09/12/2017  
By: Chris Anderson, Community Development

PUBLIC HEARING: Adopt Resolution #17-09-215 Approving Easement Vacation and Final Plat for Gobernatz 3rd Addition (Project No. 17-139); Case of Jolene and Scott DeJarlais
The purpose of this case is to consider a Minor Plat for Gobernatz 3rd Addition and an easement vacation request.  The proposed subdivision will not result in the creation of any new buildable lots but rather is a realignment of property boundaries between two (2) adjacent parcels located at 5910 177th Ave and 17515 St. Francis Blvd (collectively referred to as the "Subject Properties").
Staff attempted to notify all Property Owners within a 350 foot radius of the Subject Property of the Public Hearing via Standard US Mail. The Public Hearing was also published in the City's official newsletter, the Anoka County Union Herald.
The Subject Properties are located at the intersection of 177th Lane NW and Saint Francis Blvd and are in the R-1 Residential (Rural Developing) zoning district.  Both parcels meet or exceed the minimum lot size of 2.5 acres presently and would continue to comply with all bulk standards within this zoning district after the subdivision is completed.  The new common lot lot between the two parcels was revised slightly to ensure that an existing detached accessory building would meet the required setback of ten (10) feet.

There is an existing drainage and utility easement along the current western property boundary of 5910 177th Lane NW that will need to be vacated as part of the plat approval process.  The easement proposed to be vacated is shown on the plat exhibit attached to this case.  The Minor Plat includes the dedication of new drainage and utility easements as required.


Alternative 1: Approve the Final Plat of Gobernatz 3rd Addition and the associated Easement Vacation.  There are no new buildable lots created with this plat.  Also, both lots will meet or exceed all bulk standards of the R-1 Residential (Rural Developing) District.  Staff supports this alternative.

Alternative 2: Do not approve the Final Plat and Easement Vacation.  The proposed subdivision meets all applicable bulk standards and includes the dedication of new drainage and utility easements around the perimeter of the Subject Properties.  Staff does not support this alternative.
Funding Source:
All costs associated with this request are the responsibility of the Applicant.
Staff recommends adopting Resolution #17-09-215 granting approval of the Final Plat for Gobernatz 3rd Addition and vacating certain drainage and utility easements on the Subject Properties.
Motion to adopt Resolution #17-09-215 granting approval of the Final Plat for Gobernatz 3rd Addition and vacating certain drainage and utility easements on the Subject Properties.

Site Location Map
Final Plat
Easement Vacation Exhibit
Resolution #17-09-215: Final Plat and Easement Vacation

Form Review
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Tim Gladhill Tim Gladhill 09/06/2017 10:05 PM
Kurt Ulrich Kurt Ulrich 09/07/2017 01:34 PM
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Final Approval Date: 09/07/2017

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