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CC Regular Session
Meeting Date: 09/12/2017  
Submitted For: Tim Gladhill, Community Development
By: Eric Maass, Community Development

Adopt Resolution #17-09-216 Granting Final Plat Approval to Bunker Lake Industrial Park (Project #17-127); Case of PSD, LLC
The purpose of this case is to review the Final Plat for a new Business Park being proposed near the southeast corner of Bunker Lake Boulevard and Puma St.  The total area is about forty-five (45) acres in size, but only a portion of that is being proposed for development initially.  It should be noted that the City Council has approved a Tree Clearing and Grading Agreement for the Developer to allow some of the site preparation work to begin in advance of final approvals to aid in getting Lots 1 & 2 pad ready as soon as possible.
City Staff attempted to notify all property owners within 700 feet of the Subject Property of the request via U.S. mail and published a notice of public hearing in the Anoka Union Herald, the City's official newspaper.
Generally speaking, the proposed development meets the intent of the Comprehensive Plan and Zoning District.  On February 14, the City Council approved a Comprehensive Plan amendment to guide the property for Business Park.  The property is currently zoned for B-2 Business District and its anticipated that the developer will request a rezoning to E-1: Employment with the Final Plat and Site Plan Application.  The requested Final Plat has been reviewed based on the bulk standards of the E-1 Employment District and is consistent with the approved preliminary plat.

The proposed business park is proposed to be serviced by two new streets, Jackal Street NW and 147th Lane NW.  Jackal Street is proposed to run north to south and connect Bunker Lake Blvd with the proposed 147th Lane NW running east to west through roughly parallel and about 450 feet south of Bunker Lake Road.  All access for the two buildable lots will be gained from 147th Lane NW.  The proposed streets are satisfactory to staff.

City utilities are proposed to be extended as part of this project to service the industrial lots. Standard drainage and utility easements are shown to be dedicated on Lot 1 and Lot 2 of the proposed buildable lots.  The entirety of the stormwater pond being constructed on Outlot C will need to be encompassed within a drainage and utility easement..

The Natural Resource Inventory (NRI) indicates that the land included in this proposed development is not located in an area considered to be either an exceptional, high, moderate, or low are of natural quality.


Alternative 1: Adopt Resolution #17-09-216 granting final plat approval of Bunker Lake Industrial Park.  The proposed project appears to comply with the bulk standards of the City Code and the proposed use would be an asset to the communities growing employment base.  Staff is supportive of this alternative contingent upon compliance with the Staff Review Letter.

Alternative 2: Recommend denial of the final plat as currently requested. If the City Council desires to recommend denial it should clearly state its findings for the recommended denial and direct staff to prepare a resolution outlining those findings of fact.  As previously noted, the proposed project appears consistent with the provisions of City Code.  Staff does not support this alternative.
Funding Source:
The Applicant is responsible for all costs associated with this request.
Staff recommends approval of Resolution #17-08-216 granting final plat approval of Bunker Lake Industrial Park, contingent upon compliance with the Staff Review Letter dated September 7, 2017 and approval by the City Engineer.
Motion to adopt Resolution #17-09-216 granting final plat approval of Bunker Lake Industrial Park, contingent upon compliance with the Staff Review Letter dated September 7, 2017 and approval by the City Engineer.

Site Location Map
Final Plat
Street Plans
Lot 1 Plan Set
Lot 2 Plan Set
Final Plat Staff Review Memo
Resolution #17-09-216 Approving Final Plat

Form Review
Inbox Reviewed By Date
Tim Gladhill Tim Gladhill 09/07/2017 11:38 AM
Kurt Ulrich Kurt Ulrich 09/07/2017 01:50 PM
Form Started By: Eric Maass Started On: 09/05/2017 12:15 PM
Final Approval Date: 09/07/2017

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