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CC Regular Session
Meeting Date: 09/12/2017  
By: Tim Gladhill, Community Development

Review Framework for Request to Deviate from Street Name Grid for Riverstone Addition; Case of Capstone Homes
The purpose of this case is to consider a request from Capstone Homes to deviate from the existing street name grid for Riverstone Development. The street name grid is an important component of public safety response. Staff has been attempting to balance that need with that of quality street names, flexibility, etc.
Notification is not required for this request at this time. This case is to set policy direction. Once policy direction is provided, the official Ordinance requirement to change street names (plat was already recorded).
Staff was aware that this request was forthcoming. In the interest of time in getting the plat recorded, the Developer agreed to record the Plat with the existing street name grid, but desired to circle back on this topic before homes were sold or occupied. There are no existing homes that would be impacted by this change.

The existing grid would require the following names:
  1. Quagga Street
  2. Rabbit Street
  3. Sloth Street
  4. Tiger Street
The Public Works Committee has reviewed this request. Direction from that meeting was to allow for some flexibility with the following assumptions.
  1. Must retain the animal theme
  2. Must follow the existing sequence (Q, R, S, T)
Both Staff and Developer have struggled with a solution that follows this direction and balances the public safety need to stick close to the grid naming convention. Staff does recommend that Rabbit and Tiger Street should be used, as those streets exist in other areas of the community. Staff does not have an issue with change Quagga or Sloth Street, but is struggling to find a suitable replacement.

This case is to have an open dialogue on the issue and provide policy direction to Staff to bring forward a formal request at a future date.
Funding Source:
All costs associated with processing this request are the responsibility of the Applicant.
Based on discussion.
No action requested. By consensus, provide direction on street naming conventions in the Riverstone development.

DRAFT Public Works Committee Minutes dated July 18, 2017
Developer Request

Form Review
Inbox Reviewed By Date
Kurt Ulrich Kurt Ulrich 09/07/2017 02:08 PM
Form Started By: Tim Gladhill Started On: 09/06/2017 09:52 PM
Final Approval Date: 09/07/2017

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